Examples of strengths

Examples of strengths
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Strengths of the organization include all the factors (features, resources) characterizing its interior, having a positive impact on the operation, carried out tasks and management processes at the operational and strategic levels. Consequently, strengths give organizations the ability to effectively implement its objectives are key success factors for long term development. Organization with more strengths than weaknesses, can afford more active development actions (aggressive strategy) or effective protection against the actions of competitors to maintain current market position (conservative strategy).

Examples of strengths in different areas of organization

Area of ​​knowledge and human resources

  • high level of employees' knowledge in the field of technologies used,
  • management system supporting sharing of knowledge,
  • leadership promotes personal development and organizes regular training to improve skills of employees,
  • employees actively improve their skills and update their knowledge associated with the tasks performed,
  • low level of staff turnover which is a consequence of satisfaction with working conditions and social climate in the organization,
  • management encourages employees to be independent and take calculated risks.
  • good communication skills of leaders and employees, low level of conflict and frequent personal meetings of groups of staff and management,
  • relaxed and friendly atmosphere, but with considerable pressure on achieving the objectives
  • location of the organization near to the sources of highly qualified personnel
  • employees have a high level of ethical standards and personal culture.

Area of ​​logistics, production, technology, research and development

  • dynamic acquisition of new production technologies,
  • flexibility in adjusting the production process to the changing requirements of customers and fluctuations in demand,
  • availability of proven set of suppliers of good quality and inexpensive raw materials / goods / items,
  • high-end machines with low failure rate and high availability of service and spare parts,
  • ownership of patents and protected trademarks,
  • location of the organization in the near sources of raw materials
  • order directed to the production department are always implemented in a timely manner,
  • organization is certified and accredited by leading industry institutes (ISO, GMP, etc.)
  • all employees are involved in the generation of innovative ideas,
  • innovative ideas are evaluated and implemented in the organization, and workers who are a source of innovation are adequately remunerated,
  • organization operates an efficient supply system to ensure full availability of goods/materials for production,
  • inventories are maintained at levels that ensure the satisfaction of customer needs and manufacturing needs at an optimal maintenance cost,

Area of ​​sales and customer service

  • presence of sales representatives in various regions of the country,
  • diversity of assortment meets a wide range of needs and preferences of customers,
  • high level of customer satisfaction due to the high quality of service, giving in result a significant level of loyalty,
  • high level of knowledge about the needs of customers, resulting from continuous two-way communication between the representatives of the organizations and clients,
  • positive attitude of all employees towards achievement of the objectives in the absence of negative internal competition (dominated by rewarding the results of the group, not the individual employee)
  • most products or services offered brings positive financial results
  • organization has among customers a reputation of reliable and trustworthy partner,
  • high efficiency of marketing activities carried out by qualified personnel of marketing department assisted by trusted external partners.
  • organization has and uses modern CRM system, supporting activities of the marketing department and sales department,
  • company has a high market share, by offering products that meet customer needs at a competitive price and the desired quality,

Area of ​​finance and ability to develop

  • easy access to internal sources of financing (owners, shareholders),
  • effective system of budgeting and cost control, giving reliable information for making investment decisions,
  • efficient reporting system (e.g. based on the concept of a balanced scorecard or business intelligence)
  • company has very good financial results, high liquidity, solid cash-flow characterized by stability of financial result obtained over time,
  • company settles its obligations in a timely manner and actively monitors the inflow of the receivables from customers,
  • company has a high level of capital reserves, invested in safe and liquid securities with relatively high rate of return,

Area of ​​management systems and business processes

  • organization has an efficient system that provides accurate information for decision making processes,
  • management style used in the organization inspires employees to develop skills and achieve ambitious goals,
  • managers act as leaders and have high communication skills which translates into employee satisfaction, motivation and morale
  • organizational structure of the organization supports the implementation of strategic objectives,
  • organizational procedures and documentation does not introduce excessive bureaucratic restrictions on the operation,
  • there are existing processes of continuous improvement at all levels of the organizational hierarchy.

Author: Krzysztof Wozniak